Advertising is one of the oldest means of marketing communications and it has helped many organisations in Ghana & Nigeria build their brand’s image. It is a quick way to propagate your brand’s message throughout a specific geographic region creating top-of-mind awareness, generating leads as well as aiding in conversions. In recent times however, the advent of online advertising creates a compelling reason to again take a critical look at this method of communication.

Online advertising has a number of business benefits when contrasted with traditional advertising. Notable of which is the fact that it is far more cost effective. Most people who choose to advertise online by themselves, as opposed to through a digital marketing agency employ what is known as a pay-per-click model. So when they advertise online, they only pay for engagement i.e. they only pay when someone has clicked on their ad.

What this means is with online advertising your costs are significantly reduced because you are only paying when someone engages with you, and that person is a very likely customer.

Furthermore online advertising presents an opportunity for engagement because people can actually respond or express their interest by clicking on the ad.

And where there is a click, there is a metric and that is also another strong argument for the use of online advertising; the fact that it is measurable. The ability of marketing people to be able to demonstrate value through their actions through key & specific metrics has historically been somewhat of a challenge.

With online advertising, digital marketing people now have real insights into how their ads perform and how they contribute to the overall bottom line of their respective organisations. From impressions to click-through-rate and several other metrics, online advertising enables us to see the ROI of our marketing efforts and further optimise for greater business success.

Lastly, with online advertising marketers can now engage in targeted advertising which enables you to reach an audience that is genuinely interested in your product. One of the inherent problems with traditional advertising is its inability to deliver ads based on actual data such us behavioural data.

With online advertising however you can choose to advertise to specific locations, devices, search history and browsing patterns. This enables you to get your brand message across to the right audience and thus generate higher sales & conversions.

What other benefit do you think online advertising provides digital marketers?



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