EMAIL MARKETINGEmail marketing continues to be the unsung hero of digital marketing. Organisations use email marketing to launch new products, communicate vital information and even for customer service. However, many organisations are yet to realize the benefit from the various email marketing campaigns they send out in terms of both open-rates and CTR or click-through-rates.So today we want to look at how you can maximise the click-through rate of your email campaigns.

1. Maximise your open-rate

Make your email subject compelling. It should be attention-grabbing enough to make your subscribers want to open it up. Go for short and sweet. Long subject titles often don't get as much opens as short ones. And also personalise subject titles. So that instead of saying '4 email marketing secrets just for you' try something like 'Mark, 4 email marketing secrets just for you'.


2. Focus on clarity and brevity

The copy of your email should be short enough so you don't lose your readers' interest, but long enough to create reason enough for them to click the link in your email to be taken to a landing page with more information.


3. Limit 'spammy' words

Words like 'FREE', 'PRIZE', 'WIN' etc should be used judiciously. These words typically set off spam alarms and as such could send your campaigns straight to your subcribers' junk or spam box. In addition if you must use such words in your emails try to capitalize the first letter only like this 'Win' as opposed to all caps like 'WIN'. This will help your campaign look a lot less 'spammy'.


4. Don’t put vital information in an image

Limit the use of images as most email systems will not display images from an unknown source. But if you must use them DO NOT put any vital information within the image. All your key information and links should be in plain text.

What other tips do you know of to help maximise click-through rates of email campaigns? Let’s hear from you in the comments.

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